Novel Name : The Substitute Bride Doted by My Billionaire Husband

Chapter 844 He belongs to me alone!

Two days ago, when Logan received a call from Marvin, it was quite a surprise. He never thought that
Marvin would actually cooperate with him.

As a result, he had first hand information and could always find Olive as soon as possible.

“Doctor Augustine, Olive must have come for the sword. In order to prevent an accident, we should
catch her now.

Marvin looked at Logan, “I know Olive’s whereabouts like the back of my hand, but the timing is not
right. Isn’t Olive going to enter the ancestral temple to pull out the sword? We’ll let her in.”

“Could it be that doctor Augustine has some kind of plan?”

“Master, do you really want Elvis to inherit your throne? We all know that Elvis regards you as an
enemy. If you allow a pure blood to inherit the throne, I’m afraid that you will not be able to sleep at
night, am I wrong?”

Logan brought Elvis back to the Imperial City and made Elvis the master. This was already suspicious.
Now that his thoughts were exposed, Logan snorted. As for the throne, he was only using Elvis to
restrain Olive, and he wanted the blood of a child to be used by him.

Marvin calmly watched the scheme in Logan’s eyes, “Lord Logan, why don’t we take advantage of the
ancestral temple’s opportunity to capture Elvis and Olive in one go?”

“Doctor Augustine, Elvis and Olive are not ordinary people. Are you really sure?”

Marvin curved his thin lips into a shallow arc. “I will personally take care of Elvis.”

Logan stared suspiciously at him. “Doctor Augustine, Elvis is your eldest brother, Doctor Augustine,
you’re not a double agent, are you?”

Marvin looked at the scenery outside the window. “I want to get Olive.”

Marvin turned and looked at Logan, and then he said, “Lord Logan. I’m not here to help you
unconditionally. I’ll help you achieve your goal. But, you have to give me your throne.”

Marvin wanted to replace Elvis as the lord of Greenland,

Moreover, he still wanted to get Olive.

He wanted both power and beauty.

Logan could see the unwillingness and ambition in Marvin’s cold black eyes, but these dispelled his
doubts. He laughed loudly, “Marvin, you also have the blood of the Royal family.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll handle Elvis. As for Olive, you can’t touch her. Olive has the secret art of training
wolves through the ages. Lord Logan, don’t you want it?

When it came to the secret technique of training a wolf, Logan remembered that night. It was also that
night that made him change his mind.

He originally wanted Olive to simply disappear, but it was clear that keeping

Olive alive was more better.

“Alright, Marvin, I’ll do as you say.” Logan said firmly.

Marvin secretly lived in the Imperial City, and Gael kept following him.

“Master, it seems that Logan trusts you for the time being, but what about the Ancestral Temple and his

Gael didn’t know what his master’s plan was. Could it be that he would really kill Elvis, and then marry

Marvin was expressionless.

With uttering a word, Marvin returned to his room.

In the room, Marvin looked at the little red dot on the satellite tracker. That little red dot was Olive’s
current position.

Olive was already approaching the ancestral temple.

Here she was.

Marvin took out the other half of the red reagent, then rolled up his shirt sleeves and slowly pushed the
red reagent into his blood.

Olive was here. This was her second visit to the ancestral temple in Greenland.

The last time she had come, she had attempted to draw out the sword, but she had failed.

This time, she came again.

The surroundings were quiet and there was no sound at all. Olive’s clear eyes were unusually sensitive
and alert because she had already smelled an abnormal breath.

Olive pushed open the door of the inner room and walked in. With her previous experience, she easily
avoided the office and came inside.

She saw the amba ssador’s sword.

The sword was now inserted into the foundation of the ancestral temple.

Olive looked at the sword.

Olive slowly raised her small hand, wanting to draw the sword.

At this moment, there was the sound of approaching footsteps, “Olive, you’re finally here. I’ve been
waiting for you for a long time!”

Olive turned around. Logan came with a large number of people. The entire ancestral temple was
surrounded by guards.

Beside Logan was Elvis and Iris. Everyone was here.

Olive’s eyes moved slightly, and her clear eyes fell on Logan’s face. “Lord Logan, it seems that you had
prepared an invitation to your entire household, but how did you know my whereabouts?”

This was suspicious, How did Logan know exactly where she was?

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