Novel Name : Spirit Vessel

Chapter 1140: The Thieves

Chapter 1140: The Thieves
The missing artifact, Heaven Jewel, caused quite a stir. How could a thief manage to steal it from right under everyone’s nose?
They didn’t try to hide this humiliating matter either. Disciples from the four guardians tried to find the thief since this would be a great contribution.
The portals in Radiance World were heavily guarded to prevent anyone from escaping.
Zhang Guyue followed the traces of Heaven Jewel to this place. It was calculated by a master in Aquamoon Paradise and then passed on to the four guardians.
He only came to investigate these newcomers. However, he saw the sacred fruit and changed his mind, wanting to take advantage of the situation.
Once he brought them back to Cosmic Sword Dao, he would be able to do whatever he wanted.
After all, directly robbing them of the fruit would cause a commotion and reflect negatively on Aquamoon’s reputation.
Moreover, given the value of the fruit, he would gift it to his master and be guaranteed as the next successor.
Lastly, the missing artifact was being investigated by the saintess, ritualists, and devotees. Finding the artifact before them was a difficult task. Thus, focusing on the sacred fruit was a wiser move.
It only took a second for him to come up with the pros and cons regarding the situation.
Ji Heng came forward, intending to capture Feiyun. However, he couldn’t touch Feiyun before being stopped by a powerful sword slash.
He felt the sharp energy and immediately stopped. The sword on his back automatically formed a jade barrier to stop the attack.
Although he wasn’t as strong as Zhang Guyue, he was still an excellent disciple of Cosmic Sword Dao and had impeccable reaction speed.
“Whoosh!” Shi Lan leaped into the air and bypassed the barrier to deliver a palm strike straight at his chest. Her slender hand contained the immense power of death.
Ji Heng was at the first level of Heaven’s Emergence but was actually stronger than ordinary paragons. He broke through at the sixth rebirth.
As a famous genius, he was furious to be disrespected by this little girl.
“Cosmic Kun!” He waved his hand and the sword returned. An image of a gigantic kun appeared.
He swung vertically, sending the image forward.
Zhang Guyue nodded approvingly after seeing Ji Heng’s recent improvement. He released a special ring in order to seal the entire restaurant. The battle could rage on without hurting anything outside.
Feiyun thought that this person was rather meticulous despite being arrogant. It seemed that arrogance was inevitable after so much success.
If it wasn’t for the immortal melody, Shi Lan would be losing right now, unable to withstand that kun slash.
However, she was able to keep up despite being seventeen while Ji Heng had trained for at least five hundred years.
Her sword energy was sharp and unpredictable. Moreover, she attacked recklessly, seemingly ready to die for the sake of killing her opponent.
This was the result of her cultivation, resulting in an aggressive fighting style.
Ji Heng didn’t waste his years training so his cultivation and power were superior. Alas, he had no choice but to keep avoiding her suicidal style, putting him in a reactive position.
The cultivators who stuck around became interested in the fight as well.
“This girl is something else, she’s keeping up with the famous cosmic style.”
“No wonder why they argued with Zhang Guyue, looks like a bunch of big shots.”
Zhang Guyue, on the other hand, wasn’t surprised at all. No ordinary cultivators could be walking around with a sacred fruit.
However, this was Aquamoon’s territory and he was a representative. Who would dare to oppose him here?
“Pluff!” Eventually, Shi Lan severed Ji Heng’s right hand and uttered coldly: “This is punishment for disrespecting my master.”
She had a hole in her chest with blood still streaming down. Ji Heng had managed to pierce through her so her injuries were more serious.
Of course, this was nothing compared to when she traveled across Endless Land alone in search of Feiyun.
She had been crushed by a colossal beast, swallowed by a serpent, or fell into a nest of centipedes…
No one was there to save her; she dragged her broken body forward through sheer will. She believed that she could stay alive as long as she could keep her eyes open.
In the centipede nest, she went numb due to the venom but persevered for thirteen days. When she left the nest, there was not one inch of flesh undamaged on her. Her blood turned black from the venom.
All these experiences granted her more willpower than anyone else. This sword wound was nothing in comparison.
Thus, in the split second when he had pierced her chest and dropped his guard, she endured the pain and severed his right hand.
While Ji Heng bellowed in agony as blood gushed out, she slowly pulled his sword out of his chest.
She showed no sign of pain as if she was merely unsheathing a sword. The crowd was amazed, Zhang Guyue included.
He could endure the pain as well but not without a grimace or two. Does this girl not feel pain?
Feiyun was annoyed to see his disciple injured. He glared at the opponents before feeding Shi Lan a pill, telling her to recover.
Ji Heng’s sword possessed an invading sword intent; Shi Lan faced both an external and internal injury.
Although Ji Heng lost his arm, it was not a big deal to grow a new one with the help of medicine. In this case, he only needed to connect the severed arm - a far easier task.
“You dare to resist while hiding your background? It seems like I have found the thieves.” Zhang Guyue said, not afraid of any criticism.
“You are so goddam annoying, say one more word and I’ll eat you!” The blood dragon grew from being the size of a thumb to a balloon while shouting.
It opened its mouth and released thick demonic energy. Its roar caused Zhang Guyue to turn pale and stagger backward. His allies started seeing stars.
He could see that this was a demon from an immemorial branch. He couldn’t afford to offend one despite being a disciple of Cosmic Sword Emperor.
Everyone else became afraid as well.