Novel Name : Married by Accident, Taming the Billionaire

Chapter 292 There Is No Need to Let Him Live

“How is he, doctor? How is my brother?” Cecelia asked anxiously.

The doctor took off his mask and said, “Fortunately, the injured was brought in just in time. If it had
been a few seconds too late, we would have been unable to do anything. His life is now saved, and we
are doing the final stitching.”

Adam had too many wounds, so it would take some time to stitch. them up properly.

Hearing these words, Cecelia finally breathed a sigh of relief and was moved to tears. “Thank you,
thank you, doctor…”

Shepard greeted the doctor, his colleague, and the doctor left. Then he turned to comfort Cecelia,
“Well, Cecelia, your brother is fine. now! Don’t worry!”

Remington embraced Cecelia and reassured her, “Now Kevin’s fine. He’ll be all right.”

Cecelia nodded, and Shepard suggested, “I’ll be waiting here. Mr. Nelson, you can take Cecelia to
change clothes and freshen up?” With Shepard promising to wait here, Cecelia felt at ease and left.
with Remington.

Maybe because her nerves had been tense, now that she got relaxed, she felt her legs were too weak
to move.

Worrying that she would be exhausted, Remington picked her up and carried her in his arms.

He asked Fredric to book a room at a hotel near the hospital and bring their clothes over.

After taking turns to shower and change into clean clothes, they returned to the hospital.

By the time they arrived, Adam had been transferred to the ICU for observation by Shepard and his

Looking at the one lying inside through the window, Cecelia felt so sad.

Fortunately, her brother was fine. Otherwise, how could she explain it to her mother?

So much had happened recently. They all had been admitted to the ICU one after another-first Verda,
then Cynthia, and now Adam.

For now all she could do was wait patiently and pray for their quick recovery.

“Cecelia, don’t worry too much. You guys stay here. I have a consultation to attend. I’ll see you
around,” Shepard said.

“Thank you, Shepard.” Cecelia thanked him and watched him leave.

As she withdrew her gaze, the image of the dead bodies lying on the ground of Cherry Ridge came to
her mind, confirming her belief that someone was trying to kill her brother.

“Who wants to kill Kevin? Have they found out?” she asked.

“Winger has conducted a preliminary investigation. The dead was a warrior from Japen, but there is no

other information to determine who is behind it,” Remington said.

“A warrior… Who is Kevin involved with? It’s been so many years. Who is the one behind the scenes
who adopted him? Why did they want to kill him this time?”

These questions lingered in Cecelia’s mind, but she got no answer.

“Once Adam wakes up, everything will be clear. For now, we can only keep him safe. I guess they
wanted to kill him to silence him,” Remington said.


To ensure Adam’s safety, Remington assigned more people to guard the entrance of the ICU.

In the dim Revenant Sect, Bemanko.

On top of the tall hidden wall, a large fan was constantly turning.

A tall figure in black stood there, and his subordinate promptly reported to him, “Master, the latest news
is that Tanner has encountered trouble. Adam is seriously injured and in the hands of Cecelia in the
ICU, but he has not woken up yet.”

The man, revered as the master, slowly turned around and showed. a black-masked face.

“We shall never let him wake up! He has betrayed me. There is not need to let him live!”

The man summoned the other four disciples of the Royal Sect and ordered them, “Go to the Cathail

Republic as quickly as possible! Kill Adam and bring back the Collection of Fragrant Clothes!”

“Yes, sir!”

The four disciples received their order and soon disappeared.

At the hospital.

After hearing the news, Everest rushed over from Verda’s ward. “Cece, why is your brother so seriously

“Alas…” Cecelia sighed with red eyes. She couldn’t mention the process, as it would make her sadder.

Everest could understand Cecelia’s sadness and despair. It was most heartbroken to see a close
familiar member lying in the ward. She hugged Cecelia and comforted her, “Everything will be all right.
Things will get better.”

Although she was sad, Cecelia didn’t forget to ask about Verda’s condition.

“He’s much better now. I think he’ll be able to recover and leave the hospital in a while!” Everest said.

“That’s good. Go back and take care of him!”

After Everest left, Cecelia suggested, “Let’s go see Cynth. She’s already awake, isn’t she?”


Remington and Cecelia came together to Cynthia’s VIP ward.

When they arrived, they heard Cynthia calling out from inside.

“Cynthia…” Aurora was in tears, holding her daughter’s hand, but Cynthia stared at her in terror and
kept calling out, “Mom… Mom… Brother… Brother…”

“Mom, what’s wrong with my sister?” Remington rushed in, looking at Cynthia in bed.

When Cynthia heard her brother’s voice and saw him, she caught him. “Brother… when… did Mom…
come back…”

In fact, she wanted to ask why her mother suddenly appeared.

“Sister, Mom came back a long time ago. Don’t you know?” Remington asked in confusion.

Cynthia was even more surprised Cecelia came up and asked,

“Cynthia, are you feeling better now?”

Seeing Cecelia, she widened her eyes in shock. “Who… is she…”

Astonished by her words, Cecelia instinctively exchanged eye contact with Remington. “Why doesn’t
Cynth recognize me?”

“Sister, don’t you recognize Cecelia? Cecelia and I are married, and we have four children.”


Cynthia couldn’t imagine it, her face filled with astonishment and disbelief.

Remington immediately notified the doctor. The doctor came to examine Cynthia but found nothing

“Everything is normal, Mr. Nelson.”

“But she doesn’t recognize some people.”

“We suspect that Miss Nelson has suffered damage to the hippocampus, resulting in partial memory
loss. She can still recognize you, which indicates that it may be temporary amnesia. Her memory may
be stuck at a certain stage. It will require further rehabilitation treatment to possibly recover.

After the doctor left, Remington, Aurora, and Cecelia discussed the situation.

Aurora sighed, “No wonder Cynthia was so surprised to see me.”

Cecelia said, “Cynthia doesn’t even recognize me. Her memory may be stuck before I returned to the

“I don’t believe it. Let me try again.”

Unconvinced, Remington brought many family photos, and Cynthia could recognize everyone in them.

But when she was shown the photos of the four children, she was so surprised, “Why… four…

She didn’t remember the four children. Then, Remington mentioned the incident where she got injured,
but she looked confused and didn’t understand.

“Mom, my sister truly doesn’t remember a lot of things.”

Remington regretfully informed everyone when Ariella came to the hospital to visit Cynthia. “Cece,
you’re all here! My brother told me that Cynth has woken up, right? I’m here to see her!”

“We just came in time, Ariella. Let’s see if she still recognizes you!” Cecelia brought Ariella to the bed
and asked Cynthia if she knew her. Cynthia shook her head and asked, “Who… is… she?”

Ariella was shocked. “Cynth, it’s me, Ariella Nuno! You don’t recognize me? You haven’t forgotten my
brother, have you?”

“Your brother… Who is he…”

“G od, it’s over! Cynth doesn’t even know who my brother is.” Ariella worriedly called her brother,
“Brother, come here quickly. Something’s wrong!”

When Shepard received his sister’s call and heard that something was wrong with Cynthia, he rushed
over in fear.

“What happened to Cynthia?”

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