Novel Name : Quadruplets Unite: Mother&##039;s Words Are Law

Chapter 1238 Please Don’t Hurt My Son

Helios’ face turned pale as his neck was held tightly by Erin.

“Well,” Abel nodded and said, “Trust us! I won’t let anything happen to you!”

“Erin!” Emmeline shouted angrily. “Let go of Sun!” I’ll let you go freely. Otherwise, you’ll die today!”

“I’m not afraid to die,” Erin laughed coldly and said. I’m already wanted nationwide. Living means
nothing to me, but I will take someone to die with me!”

Emmeline said. “How dare you! I mean what I say: I’ll never let you go!”

“Emmeline, I’m clear that you can do that. Erin sneered and said, “I poisoned the food in the kitchen;
you found out, right? Now I must take Sun with me. This is what you get for meddling!”

“You bastard!” Emmeline yelled.

She was holding the needle in her hand and wanted to throw it over. But I am afraid that Sun will fall
from the building with Erin.

“Emma,” Abel whispered, “Calm down! Think about Sun!”

Emmeline took a deep breath and let out a long sigh. Her face was soaked with tears and sweat.

Emmeline’s face was pale. Suddenly, she looked firmly at Erin and said, “Erin, whatever you want to
do, come at me! Don’t hurt my son. Let him go, please!”

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1238 Please Don’t Hurt My Son


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